F. A. Q.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We began in 1980 and during that time have established trusted relationships with an extensive and reliable network of auto brokers, leasing agents, licensed dealers and car and auto auctions.

Q: Why should I use an online service to buy or sell a used vehicle?

A: While operating online allows us to broaden the search area for prospective buyers and sellers, we aren’t just an internet company. When you fill out our form or call us at 657.888.9357 you’ll have the opportunity to speak to someone who can answer any question or concern you may have. We also send an experienced professional to your home or office to appraise vehicles and provide a personal touch while processing all of your transfer of vehicle title and ownership needs.

Q: I already know all about dealerships. Why not go with one of them?

A: Because you already know all about dealerships – their high pressure tactics and inflated pricing needed to cover their overhead costs like fancy showrooms, dealership facilities and that army of salespeople practicing those high pressure tactics. For those selling a used car, truck, van or SUV, Auto Auction Express isn’t a “trade-in”, which means you can take that cash and buy a car from the location of your choosing. You can even choose to not buy a car at all and instead spend the money on things like home improvement or an upcoming vacation.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just sell the car myself?

A: Trying to find a personal buyer for your used vehicle introduces many complications like writing and paying for newspaper advertisements and digging up every detail of the vehicle history for high maintenance buyers. You also have to interrupt your daily schedule to arrange a showing for each prospective buyer while never knowing if they are seriously interested or are simply looking to kick a few tires. With Auto Auction Express you can receive cash now for your used vehicle instead of having to wait weeks or even months.

Q: What’s the advantage of using Auto Auction Express instead of simply attending an auto or car auction?

A: Auto or car auctions are generally out of the way or hard to find and force you to work on their schedule and timetable. With AutoAuctionExpress.com we put that power back in your hands as you are free to evaluate cars and make a selection at your convenience. Additionally, when you attend a car or auto auction you are limited to a select number of cars and have to decide whether to buy while not knowing if there was a better vehicle for you somewhere else.  Auto Auction Express increases your vehicle choices so can make a more informed decision.

Q: I am looking to buy a very specific type of vehicle. Can you help?

A: AutoAuctionExpress.com can tailor your vehicle search by using our Internet Auction Database to perform a custom search of used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

Q: Are there any additional charges for using your service?

A: The service is 100% free.

Q: No, really. What are the hidden costs?

A: There are no hidden costs. Services like sending an experienced professional to appraise your vehicle at your home or office and our In-House DMV services will be provided at no additional expense to you.

Q: What do I do to begin?

A: To begin, simply fill out our online form or call us at 657.888.9357 and we can begin the process for you immediately.